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Fabio Novembre   Beppe Finessi

Fabio Novembre

232 страниц. 2008 год.
Today Fabio Novembre is definitely one of the most original, surprising talents of the new generation of Italian and international designers. The visionary impact of the interiors and objects he has designed over the last two decades, the couturier's precision with which he constructs spaces, shaping materials into unexpected conditions and qualities, his ability to think of design as a different reality, positively polluted by apparently distant disciplines like cinema, music, contemporary art and fashion constitute a fresh take on the current design profession. Novembre's story is a sort of natural evolution that goes beyond the generation of the noble 'forefathers' of Italian design, in a sudden leap forward that opens up scenarios to explore for the near future, and hails the advent of a true protagonist of a new generation of Italian creative talents. The book by Beppe Finessi, one of the best and most subtle critics of Italian contemporary design, is a dense, complex...
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