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  Giacomo Guidi

Piero Guidi

2013 год.
This lavish volume celebrates the acclaimed leather goods of Piero Guidi, with the publication aimed to coincide with the opening of its first American store in New York. Piero Guidi was founded in 1970 and has earned a devoted following worldwide for its high-quality accessories and leather goods. The brand is especially known for combining whimsical prints with cutting-edge design, such as the signature Magic Circus line with colorful motifs depicting circus scenes and the Lineabold collection of canvas handbags. Piero Guidi designs are inspired by the simple joy of beautiful objects, with each piece created to inspire both imagination and happiness. Having just opened its first boutique in New York’s SoHo district after opening boutiques in China, Japan, and Hong Kong, Piero Guidi is poised to bring Italian craftsmanship and luxury design to the world.
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