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Contemporary Art in Taiwan after 1987   Chung-Yu Fang

Contemporary Art in Taiwan after 1987

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the end of colonialism in the twentieth century, the next wave of influence from the West came in the form of modernism, post-modernism, and finally contemporary art, where the now industrialized East was receptive to the new values of these Western art forms. This book examines contemporary art and artists in Taiwan after 1987. It also makes comparisons between the colonial and post-colonial periods and the impact of colonial influence on contemporary art in Taiwan, through the analysis of the work of four quintessential artists. Their artistic expressions not only reflect perfectly the societal and political changes in Taiwan, but also show the greatest self-awareness during the process of Taiwan''s development as well as the strongest cultural characteristics of the region and race. This book will be of interest and useful to anyone that is interested in contemporary Asian art.
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