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Birth and Regeneration: Arts and Culture in South Africa   Lorraine Singh

Birth and Regeneration: Arts and Culture in South Africa

268 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Arts and Culture in South African schools.This book investigates the coming into being of a newlearning area called Arts and Culture in the primaryschool curriculum in post-apartheid South Africa. Thewriter asks why Arts and Culture was considerednecessary for the new curriculum at this point in thehistory of South Africa. The work examines thefactors that influenced the design of thiscurriculum. The unusual name "Arts and Culture" isinterrogated to see how it answers the main question. The study draws its methodology from narratology,heuristic theory, discourse analysis and literarycriticism in various ways. As the writer was part ofthe arts curriculum development process, the bookcommences with a personal narrative that sets thescene for the narratives that follow. The narrativestyle makes the work at once personal and academic.It breaks new ground in using narratology in policyanalysis. The book will be of interest to policyanalysts, narratologists, curriculum developers andarts...
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