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Dubrovnik under Siege   Nensi Brailo

Dubrovnik under Siege

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Following attacks by the Yugoslav Army in 1991, local artists used the Old City of Dubrovnik—its ruins, boarded-up monuments and shop windows—to create site-specific public artworks. Local photographers documented the destruction of the Old City, raising international awareness to the plight of the Croatian people and the attempt to eradicate their culture. Three case studies: the site-specific exhibitions of artist Ivo Grbic on the grounds of his home and studio which had been bombed, the impromptu collaborative public art project by professional and amateur artists that took place during Christmas time in December 1991, and Pavo Urban''s photographs of the besieged city''s architecture and citizens demonstrate how the artists of Dubrovnik coped with the circumstances of war. This work is based on field research conducted in Croatia which includes the interviews with artists who were inspired by the attacks on Dubrovnik. The book is especially suitable for artists, and art and...
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