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The Cinemaclubs in the Sixties of the 20th Century and the GEFF Festival   Tomislav Brcic

The Cinemaclubs in the Sixties of the 20th Century and the GEFF Festival

112 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Culture and Phenomena of Cineclubs during Sixties of 20th Century in Yugoslavia and Influence of New Tendencies on GEFF Festival The scope of my magisterial work is to reflect the phenomena that was developed in sixties of the past century, and comprends the culture of amateur cineclubs that were founded for approaching the inventive and more close cinematography to the bigger audience. The GEFF is unavoidable in this context for his contribution in promotion of experiment in different artistic areas and the meaning of experiment mixed with the influence of the new tendencies and flamboyant enthusiasm of the participants. At the end we discuss the phenomena of the cineclubs that was on the top in the first decade of 1960, but never valorized as one strong and valuable movement inside the recent culture and artistic circle of that age. What means that entire movement was never institutionalized historically until this research.
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