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Twisted Things   Virginia Murray

Twisted Things

324 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Twisted Things: Playing with Time, is a work in two parts. The first part, Twisted Things is a screenplay and the second part, Playing with Time is the research undertaken in the writing of the screenplay. Twisted Things, the screenplay, is the story of Nora, a successful eye surgeon who uncovers a family secret involving an actress who was murdered during the making of the Hollywood movie, On the Beach in Melbourne fifty years before. On the verge of a discovery Nora is cut down in a hit and run. Waking from her coma, Nora finds it’s 1959, she’s an actress in On the Beach and someone’s going to kill her. Playing with Time addresses issues in Australia in 1959, the concepts of celebrity and the theoretical underpinnings of some of the movies that play with time.
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