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Human Emotions and Human Rights in the Selected American Films   Jayshree Singh

Human Emotions and Human Rights in the Selected American Films

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human condition and human nature are indispensable in the span of human life. Whatever the man experiences or feels, is recognized as emotional expression and those expressions are either objective as they are mostly similar to other’s feelings or the expressions are subjective because they elicit personal impressions regarding good or bad situations in life. Therefore emotions are universally found in human beings and they are perpetually built. During configuration, the freedom of choice, desire, knowledge, aim, quest, decision, ethics, sense of human dignity are the components that establish relationship between human emotion and human rights. Unless these subjectivities are for unselfish purpose in life, they do not help in emancipation personally or universally. Mostly in material/ capitalistic world such notion of humanism is misunderstood because men/women ascribe their desires, values and emotions to their actions and achievements as per their likes or dislikes, which...
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