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Liberalization, Globalization and the Multiplex Film Culture   Pranay Rupani

Liberalization, Globalization and the Multiplex Film Culture

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The emergence of the multiplex has had a significant impact on the way Indian films, especially Hindi films are made, exhibited and distributed. This book contends that the factors contributing to this change are related very intricately to the liberalization policy adopted by the government and the increasing influence of the Non-resident Indian and now considerable population of the Indian diaspora across the world. This view is also shared by others but the challenge is to analyze the influence of these factors to create a new genre of film and in the process discover that a new audience has evolved in the interim. Many cities are evolving through malls and these malls house multiplexes, since the inception of the film industry films have been for mass viewing but now with these malls/multiplexes the film is now an exclusive commodity. By tracing the history of the multiplex in Hyderabad and chronicling the effects of the liberalization policy this book intends to assess the future...
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