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Vignettes Of Bollywood 1990-Present:   Jennifer Williams

Vignettes Of Bollywood 1990-Present:

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This project highlights the importance of the Indian film industry as a legitimate field of scholarly and academic research. Through interdisciplinary eyes, the Indian film industry and its byproducts are examined through a multitude of different approaches including gender, film, and cross-cultural studies. The films mentioned in this research are the highest grossing, have the most famous actors and actresses, and are from the 1990s to present. If society were able to understand culture today in a world of generalized hybridity, scholars must study objects such as Bollywood. With the industry’s mobility, it creates new kinds of audiences who do not speak the same language, share the same local knowledge about cinema, but instead find themselves as active participants in reading, enjoying, and interpreting film. By doing this, new viewers are exposed to Bollywood as well as new meanings and ways of looking are created.
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