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Marital Adjustment   Upmesh Kumar Talwar

Marital Adjustment

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Choosing a life partner and making commitments into a marriage is considered as important decision and personal achievement for the both Spouses. Marriage involves emotional and social commitment for the healthy married life. Perhaps most of the married adults are suffering from severe stress and blame the deteriorating relationships on their spouse leading to depression. Depression among the spouses is an important issues that most of couples faces at some point in their married life. It is a normal response to grief, death, separation from a loved one, job loss and loss of physical health or relocation. Marital distress and relationship conflicts also contribute to depression. Married women have higher rates of depression than unmarried women, but the reverse is true for men too.Marriage seems to confer a greater protective advantage on men than on women. Marital adjustment and depression are strongly related but level of depression varies widely among the Indian spouses.
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