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Rights of the Girl Child With Reference to Chittoor Distirct - A Study   Bandi Venkataiah

Rights of the Girl Child With Reference to Chittoor Distirct - A Study

316 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The highest stage of civilization is protection of human rights. Civilization without human rights is absurd. The enormous economic development cannot be enjoyed by the people unless there are rights for human beings. Humanity must be exhibited which is possible only if there is a freedom. One’s freedom should not interfere or cut down the freedom of others. There lies the civic sense and a profound civic sense leads to greater extent of civilization. Man is a social animal and highly distinguished from other creatures. The creator of this universe whom we never see but the creator of this naked wonderful world by man can see. Nothing can be compared to the thinking power, reasonable actions of man. Such a type of man must have rights to balance the human race and for his long survival. All human beings, men and women are equal and possess equal capabilities in all respects of life. The inequalities between male and female are only man-made. Women in most societies are...
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