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Technology of oil and gas wells drilling by downhole drilling motors   Mikhail Dvoynikov

Technology of oil and gas wells drilling by downhole drilling motors

304 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is about devices that control, create and regulate weight on bit and methods of operational (automatic) control over drilling using downhole motor as a drillbit drive in the book. It concludes survey results analysis of equipment and technologies that focused on drilling optimization and automatization of directional and horizontal wells deepening. The drill string operation while combination drilling was highlighted briefly. The book represents methods and technique and also results of experimental actual weight on bit evaluation and recommends how to carry out an operational control of axial weight on bit. Also there is an analysis of patent pool in sphere of motor working elements improving. It defines the main engineering directions that increase energy characteristic values of hydraulic motors; provide reliability assurance and consistency of their operation in complicated geological and technical conditions. On the basis of recognized directions the authors present...
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