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Ceramic Speaks in the Street   Daria Makarenko

Ceramic Speaks in the Street

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Bricks, wall stones, pavement panels and slabs: those are standardized objects and elements, having the certain function and usage; ‘puzzle’ details, constructing the architectural and urban environment. The author took those elements and their application in urban context as basic ‘pivots’ for expanding the communicative possibilities of ceramic. She describes street space as a free stage which is opened for discussions, argument, opinions, and lyrical remarks. In this book she reveals and comprehensively analyzes her own art project from different perspectives such as the original usage of the architectural ceramics elements, street and urban intervention as highly communicative art tradition, and ceramic possibilities in storytelling and narrative art. Relying on the aspects mentioned above, author provides the method of working with ceramic material within public space and its specifications.
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