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Decorative Wood Painting: Gorodets   Н. В. Толстухина

Decorative Wood Painting: Gorodets

Шедевры народного искусства России / Masterpieces of Russian Folk Art
260x240 160 страниц. 2008 год.
Gorodets wood-painting is one of the famous people's handicrafts in Russia, the originality of which is based on the adherence to the ancient traditions and joyous and optimistic attitude towards life. As an original system of painting, Gorodets art (painting) took shape in the second half of the 19th century in Nizhniy Novgorod Povolzhye and was mainly meant for the decoration of spinning bottoms. With time, the assortment of articles gradually expanded at the cost of the items of every-day use: toys, children's furniture, decorative panels and others. In the present edition, the reader will get acquainted with the history of the trade, its artistic peculiarities and creative work of the most talented and brightest masters. The author pays attention to the issues of the establishment and the evolution of the style, speaks about creative searches of the painters of the '30s who made a great influence on the further development of the trade, presents the works of modern...
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