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Thinking Hyperorganisms   Carlos A. M. da Nobrega

Thinking Hyperorganisms

248 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the work of Guto (Carlos) Nobrega, nothing is taken for granted. Every aspect of the creative act – its place within the aesthetic realm, its interaction with nature, its utilization of scientific principles and techniques – is subject to creative interrogation, analysis and open- ended exploration. This involves a practice that is holistic and coherent in its manner of inquiry, and that challenges habitual dichotomies of thought to the point of cultural rupture. Qualities of technoetic integration and the creative application of field models mark his method. The metaphors and insights of biophysics that are at work in his understanding of living organisms are demonstrated vividly in the poetic insight he shows towards the integrative function of biophotonic process. His approach is to create networks of relevance and association that weave between and beyond discrete disciplines and discursive orthodoxies. His is the art of connective coherence. Prof. Roy Ascott.
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