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A Perspective on the Future of Jewellery Materials and Practice   Katrin Spranger

A Perspective on the Future of Jewellery Materials and Practice

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This paper deals with ideas for the future of jewellery. The author's approach to this issue is, to investigate the meaning of materials which might become rare or even depleted at some point. One chapter collects scientific data in order to demonstrate and discuss the concerning environmental state of particular resources. Along with science fiction, the context is used to construct hypotheses and future scenarios. Another focus lies on exploring human and consumer values, to gain a deeper understanding of perceived material values and their correlation to scarcity. Furthermore, elements of the value of experience will be introduced and its increasing need in society. Finally, the essay debates problematic facts in the field of contemporary jewellery, but also contributes with ideas of change, new approaches and development.
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