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Water''s Edge   GAYLENE PERRY

Water''s Edge

224 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Water''s Edge, and The Water''s Edge Writing, is a work of practice-led research in the field of creative writing. Practice-led research, which refers to research undertaken in the process of making a creative artwork, has become a significant and innovative type of research particularly in the disciplines of the creative arts. This book consists of two parts in dialogue with one another. These include Water''s Edge, a novel, and The Water''s Edge Writing, an exegetical component. Water''s Edge is the story of Serena, a midnight-to-dawn radio announcer, who discovers information about her family''s past and future via the act of creative writing. The Water''s Edge Writing addresses issues of practice-led research, including a teasing out of the nexus between creative arts practice and higher research in universities. This book represents an important example of how creative arts practice can constitute the discovery of new knowledge, in the form of practice-led...
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