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Mother Utters   Kamal Ud Din

Mother Utters

224 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“Mother Utters: Struggle and Subversion in the Works of Gwendolyn Brooks" explores how Brooks uses the women/mothers’ speech and traditional classical poetic forms to, struggle and subvert the predominant social, moral, and political systems which impede class mobility of and oppress African Americans, in general, and African American women, in particular, in her early works. To transform the identity and role of African American women, Brooks assigns central roles to women, particularly to mothers, in most of her early works. In this way, she brings them from invisibility to visibility and from objects to subjects. In order to analyze these works and this phenomenon, particularly, I utilize Black Feminist theory.Brooks’s poetry is the fine blending of classical and popular poetic forms. The tension between aesthetic and politics is one of the prominent features of Brooks’s works.
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