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Art Management in an Environment of Oppression   Sharaf DarZaid

Art Management in an Environment of Oppression

160 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In an environment of oppression, “art for the sake of art” view cannot exist. Escaping the conflict means you are taking a political decision. Art managers and artists have two options; either to resist oppression or indirectly contribute to maintaining it. Art, in general, is connected to social, economic, political and intellectual factors and it can play an important, even indispensable, role in transforming human lives and ethically challenging conditions of injustice and oppression. But this doesn't mean that art should become agit prop, losing its creative message and defining characteristics that distinguish it from other media of expression! There is a light in every human being that needs to be explored, discovered, unearthed or simply nurtured to light the path to self-fulfillment and freedom. Therefore, let’s follow the light!
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