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Object and Value   Lindsay Peter

Object and Value

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Objects that we own and use everyday have a certain value to them, this can be determined in different ways through our emotional and physical responses. These responses that we have to the objects concerned may be to do with the way we see, think, interact and experience the object. Through each of these we may build up certain attachments with the object in order to give it some value, however, the value that we give the object can vary and the same object may be valuable to one person but may mean nothing to another. In this sense meaning is given to an object due our perceptions and knowledge of it, but the object may carry its own meaning as a materialistic form. This work aims to explore these concepts by looking at the object in relation to art and aesthetics as well as memory, feeling, experience and interaction.
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