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A New Vision for product design through visual perception   Suhyun Hwang

A New Vision for product design through visual perception

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is a saying that I have heard for four years since I was an undergraduate student, “Simplicity is beauty.” I couldn''t agree with this statement for a certain amount of time because that meant that complexity was ugly. Why? This question has always followed a part of my mind while trying to design something as simple as possible. What does simplicity mean in the design field? And complexity? Could complexity be pretty? This question would be a debatable issue and I personally believe complexity could be pretty. Only then will it be a little close to what is called Art? There is a very thin gray line between Art and Design. Therefore, we designers, sometimes get inspired from a masterpiece of art or the other way around. In this book, I am going to explore interesting visual dynamics and find some pure geometry that people like subconsciously and then apply the form to products. In my thesis, I am going to try to find new ways to be inspired to design products....
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