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Logotype: Element and Principle   Norfadilah Kamaruddin and Shahrunizam Sulaiman

Logotype: Element and Principle

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
No doubt logotype as a visual identity that more important where it is so powerful which can boost a consumer’s perception towards what it represent. As a multicultural country with its colorful festivals, Malaysian Tourism grew tremendously since the eighties as a nation. A study was conducted to investigate is the logotype used for a few festival are recognizable, reflected the festival’s identity and communicated the intended message. A content analysis of fifty festivals logotypes in Malaysia for the past five years was conducted to find out the elements and principles of design used towards established literature. The finding from this study determined there are five festivals held consistently at national level for five years. Further investigation also identified that only Floria Putrajaya is lack of Malaysian identity and shows that hibiscus flower should be used to represent as a symbol in the logo.
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