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Sola In Nature   Yeonhee Choi

Sola In Nature

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sola in Nature is an invitation to encounter the internal human experience inspired by nature. Each photograph exhibits different sensibilities; exploring what the psychological self represents in nature through the images. The human mind is like air. We cannot smell, hold, and see the air, but we can feel it when we breathe. We cannot live without it. This book transcribes personal experience into a photographic spectacle that provides the public access, with which to examine the sophisticated mind as reflection of the self. Nature is, in this work, considered not only as spiritual existence but also as the psychological environment representing intangible feelings. Photographically, the images are made surreal through the manipulation of colors and contrasts, and through adoption of photomontage as a strategy. This is an attempt to convey the sense of inner experience as abstract and complex, yet made accessible, through the photographs.
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