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Handmade Papers for Drawing and Painting   Elham Shafaei and Izmer Ahmad

Handmade Papers for Drawing and Painting

244 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Paper is made of a raw material that has been beaten and broken down into tiny fibres, mixed with water and formed into sheets on a screen surface that catches the fibres as the water drains through it... However, industrialized papers made from wood pulp are not suitable to be used for artworks. This is because industrialized papers have high acid content due to the processing of the wood pulp. Acidic papers must be avoided at all cost by artists because these papers turn yellow quickly in time, negatively affecting the durability and aesthetic value of the art work. This book investigated the potential of natural fibres available locally to produce specialized hand-made art papers for drawing and painting.
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