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The Earrings Book   Yvonne Kulagowski

The Earrings Book

155x230 144 страниц. 2007 год.
A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Almost every jeweller or jewellery student has worked on earrings at some point. They can be simple or complicated; expensive or moderately priced and made with any number of different materials from precious stones to pebbles or feathers - this flexibility makes earrings an ideal starting point for any budding jewellery maker. In this book, Yvonne Kulagowski considers issues of design and aesthetics, and offers practical advice about choosing metals and materials, techniques, and using different tools and equipment. She also discusses earrings in terms of fashion shows and catwalk collections, as well as earrings made exclusively for theatre productions and exhibitions. Packed with thorough and concise information for students, this book introduces important earring designers and also includes lists of further reading and other useful sources. Projects show the manufacture of simple stud, hanging and complex two part drop earrings in detail. These explain and clarify design and...
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