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American English File: Starter: Student Book   Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden

American English File: Starter: Student Book

220x275 120 страниц. 2010 год.
Oxford University Press
This is the authors' golden rule when they choose texts and topics for every level of American English File. It ensures you get material that learners will enjoy reading and will want to talk about. Texts such as "Could you live without money?" really help to generate opinion and discussion. They create a desire to communicate. Having created the desire, American English File then helps you to develop learners' communication skills. One way it does this is with a strong focus on pronunciation. Research shows that poor pronunciation is a major contributor to breakdowns in communication (Jennifer Jenkins: The Phonology of English as an International Language). American English File integrates pronunciation into every lesson - the "little and often" approach. But that's not all. The unique English File Sounds Chart puts a picture to each sound in the phonetic alphabet, so learners find it easier to remember the sounds and, ultimately, improve their...
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