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William MacKendree: Vinyl Vocabulary   William MacKendree

William MacKendree: Vinyl Vocabulary

2012 год.
Exhibited across the United States, France, Morocco, and Greece since the late 1980s, William MacKendree’s award-winning paintings have been purchased by prominent institutions, including the Neue Galerie and Paris’s iconic Centre Pompidou. Influenced by recent postmodernists as well as such disparate twentieth-century painters as Edward Hopper and Philip Guston, MacKendree’s earliest works are marked by the juxtaposition of powerful linear configurations against vast expanses of canvas. From these early linear creations, MacKendree worked toward the development of a vocabulary of signs, which is evident in his later art featuring motifs from the urban environment and natural world. The first book to comprehensively examine MacKendree’s more than two-decade career, William MacKendree: Vinyl Vocabulary includes an essay by Alain Mousseigne, as well as an interview by art journalist Laurie Hurwitz, reflecting on his themes.
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