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Modern British Sculpture   Penelope Curtis

Modern British Sculpture

316 страниц. 2011 год.
From Leighton to Lucas, thismagnificent survey explores sculpture in Britain over the last 130 years. Considering the way in which sculpturemediates issues of national identity and how Britains links with its Empire have shaped its artistic output, the book also highlights the dialogues between British and international sculpture. The importance of the countrys landscape as a location andmediumis examined, as is the perennial choice faced by the sculptor between figuration and abstraction. Sculpture has changed dramatically in the last century. Traditionalmaterials have given way to expanded practices and the dematerialisation of the art object altogether. With incisive essays by a number of leading authorities, and including previously unpublished archivematerial and new bibliographic sources, this compelling book documents these seismic shifts.
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