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Luis Bunuel : New Readings  

Luis Bunuel : New Readings

224 страниц. 2004 год.
Book DescriptionLuis Bunuel (1900-83) was one of the world's great film-makers. Always controversial, his first film, Un Chien andalou (1928), which he referred to as a 'call to murder', was a savage Surrealist experiment. L'Age d'or (1930), his second, was banned in Paris after its initial screening, which had led to violent disturbances. Thereafter, his films continued to challenge, provoke and subvert social conventions in their searching analyses of human desire. Luis Bunuel: New Readings ranges widely over key films and moments from all stages of the director's career: the early years in Spain and France, the middle period in Mexico and the USA, and the return to Europe, where he made late masterpieces like Belle de Jour (1966) and Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie (1972). Twenty years after his death, the time is ripe for a re-evaluation of Bunuel's legacy. Through theoretically informed discussions of individual films and dominant tendencies, as well as through more...
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