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NorthStar: Listening and Speaking: Level 4   Tess Ferree, Kim Sanabria

NorthStar: Listening and Speaking: Level 4

200x255 270 страниц. 2009 год.
Pearson Education
Northstar, now in its third edition, motivates students to succeed in their academic as well as personal language goals. For each of the five levels, the two strands - Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking - provide a fully integrated approach for students and teachers. What is Special about the Third Edition? oNew Themes and Updated Content - presented in a variety of genres and in authentic materials - challenge and engage students intellectually. oEnhanced Focus on Academic Skills, more purposeful integration of critical thinking, and an enhanced focus on academic skills such as inferencing, synthesizing, note taking, and test taking help students develop strategies for success in the classroom and on standardized tests. oA structured approach gives students opportunities for more extended and creative oral practice, for example, presentations, simulations, debates, speeches, public service announcements and more. oA New Design with full...
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