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Dickens and the Artists   Bills Mark| Hardy Pat| Ormond Leonee| Penny Nicholas| Underwood Hilary

Dickens and the Artists

224 страниц. 2012 год.
A remarkably visual writer, Charles Dickens (1812-1870) emerged from a tradition where illustrations formed a significant part of both serial and book publishing. At the centenary of his birth, "Dickens and the Artists" explores the novelist's artistic opinions and connections. His tastes are manifest in his novels, his magazine Household Words and his journalism. Dickens engaged with the art of the Old Masters, commenting forthrightly on the latest changes at the National Gallery, and recording his visits to museums during his tours of Europe. As well as exploring Dickens' own views, the distinguished contributors reveal his influence on Victorian artists. He had long and close friendships with some of the leading artists of his time, including Clarkson Stanfield, Daniel Maclise, Frank Stone and William Powell Frith. These and other artists depicted scenes from his novels or drew inspiration from his subjects and characterizations that continue to influence our image of Dickensian...
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