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Fred Sandback   James Lawrence

Fred Sandback

2013 год.
Outlining planes and volumes in space with the humblest of materials, American artist Fred Sandback's (1943-2003) work makes ingenious use of the Minimalist artistic vocabulary. Though Sandback employed metal wire and elastic cord in his earliest works, he soon dispensed with these materials and began using acrylic yarn to create sculptures that produced perceptual illusions while addressing their physical surroundings--what the artist termed the "pedestrian space" of everyday life. Sandback's work has been exhibited internationally since the late 1960s; several of his works are on permanent display at Dia:Beacon, and he was the subject of an extensive survey exhibition organized in 2005 by the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz. With 90 reproductions in color, this beautifully produced publication presents significant works from five decades of the artist's career and also includes a fully illustrated chronology with selected biographical and bibliographical material.
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