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The British Museum Book of Chinese Art  

The British Museum Book of Chinese Art

396 страниц. 2007 год.
British Museum Press
Chinese silks and porcelains, unsurpassed for over a thousand years, have always been coveted around the world for their fine textures and brilliant colours. However, the arts traditionally most valued in China are calligraphy, ink painting, jades and bronzes. This prize-winning book explains why, describing the origins of these diverse achievements and setting them in their historical context alongside other arts such as lacquer, cloisonne and glass. The wealth of colour illustrations, primarily from the rich collections of the British Museum, includes well-known blue-and-white Ming ceramics as well as less familiar jades of the Neolithic period and priceless paintings on silk from the Buddhist caves at Dunhuang. Jessica Rawson is the author of numerous publications and curator of many exhibitions on China. Anne Farrer, Jane Portal and Shelagh Vainker are curators specializing in various aspects of Chinese art and culture. Формат: 19 см х 24,5 см.
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