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Stephan von Huene: Split Tongue - Texts and Interviews  

Stephan von Huene: Split Tongue - Texts and Interviews

2013 год.
Stephan von Huene (1932–2000) was a pioneer in the sound art movement. Beginning in the 1960s, he produced sculptures that incorporated sound in novel ways—from Text Tones, a sleek series of works that record and recompose chance conversations within the exhibition space, to a pair of legs that perform a lively tap dance. But von Huene was also an accomplished draftsman, whose works on paper—collages, sketches, and prints—have been the subject of extensive solo exhibitions.Combining interviews with von Huene and an essay by his partner, Petra Kipphoff von Huene, this book provides unparalleled insight into the artist’s processes and the mechanical complications involved in the creation of some of his works. The book also brings together for the first time all of von Huene’s Mind Maps, a series of meticulous compositions of images and words. In addition to illustrating how von Huene conceived of his sculptures, the Mind Maps series also reveals the artist’s keen interest in...
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