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Adel Abdessemed: Conversation with Pier Luigi Tazzi   Adel Abdessemed

Adel Abdessemed: Conversation with Pier Luigi Tazzi

2012 год.
Adel Abdessemed (born 1971) has been a major figure in contemporary art since he entered the international creative world in the early 2000s. In 2012, after recent exhibitions in Nagoya, Venice, London, Tel Aviv, Berlin and New York, his work is featured in a large exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou. Well known for his ability to produce images generally considered violent, Abdessemed appeals to the viewer's immediate reactions. In conversation with Italian art critic Pier Luigi Tazzi, Abdessemed explains the personal and creative background to his work. As he retraces his artistic journey, its major phases and his major works, his remarks extend beyond the framework of art to address the fundamental issues of life itself. This text, filled with passion and humor, explores the perspective of a prominent contemporary artist, and deals with all aspects of artistic creation.
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