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  Soon Chun Cho

Byoung Cho

2014 год.
“Cho’s work . . . exudes a dramatic sense of timelessness—as though it were built centuries ago.” —Dwell Widely considered Korea’s most important architect, Byoung Cho has created iconic buildings, art and cultural centers, schools, health facilities, and residences in Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and the United States. He is the recipient of Korea’s major architectural awards and has been a visiting lecturer at Harvard and Columbia universities. Influenced by Korea’s rich aesthetic tradition, Cho uses understated forms to design buildings that offer powerful yet subtle experiences for their inhabitants. This exquisitely designed book—the first on Byoung Cho in English—features the architect’s most acclaimed projects, including Twin Tree Towers (2010), his iconic buildings located adjacent to the royal Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, which embody Cho’s fascination with the relationship between ancient history and modernity. 400 illustrations in color and black and white
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