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Design of Sustainable Toilets for Rural and Urban India   Parag Deshpande

Design of Sustainable Toilets for Rural and Urban India

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world is moving towards green lifestyle and so are Indians too. Users are trying to be environmental friendly and designers are giving them the products which would take care of the future generations. Huge investments are being made and latest technologies are being adopted to keep environment and human beings healthy. Sanitation is one of the crucial factors which can take care of environment and human beings. There is a massive demand for proper sanitation, especially in India as most of the citizens are deprived of it. Sustainable products are becoming a trend for many of us. Making sustainable sanitation a pleasurable experience as well as an income generation mechanism was always unrequited. It is surely possible and thus the aim was to design a toilet which would be self sustaining and can be made using resources locally available, to sanitize and reuse the waste generated, emphasizing on the usability, cost, returns and different environmental conditions. Different...
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