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Exploration of arbitrarily shaped surfaces   Nilufer Kocabas

Exploration of arbitrarily shaped surfaces

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The problem being tackled is building an arbitrarily shaped surface by linear members that are capable of describing the surface shape as nearly as possible in relation to curvature conditions. By using a bottom-up methodological approach and creating a self-organizing system, it is aimed to overcome the problems that might occur when the curvature is in two or more dimension. Regarding to that, a generative algorithm that is rearranging the nodes and providing the connections by using a spring system, is developed. Various experiments are performed in order to determine closest match of the surface shape and changes of spring length due to curvature. After analysing the result in the aspect of geometry and topology, results indicates that the method is capable of describing an arbitrarily shaped surfaces as nearly as possible in relation to curvature conditions by using linear members.
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