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Design Process and Innovation   Alaa El Anssary

Design Process and Innovation

244 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As technology advances, both the complexity of products and the number of goals achieved are steadily increasing. This leads to more opportunities for the products as well as to new challenges for designers. Over the years, innovative possibilities offered by technologies of material and shaping techniques have always brought design a good step further and an understanding of the uniqueness of their integration in the design process makes new forms available. This book, therefore, contributes to fostering a holistic approach to the design process and proposes methods to enhance the ability of designers to comprehensively explain and define unique design solutions determined by technical constraints. The investigation has been carried out in the field of furniture in which new materials and production techniques are considered as an integral element throughout the design process and which develops design solutions that are adapted to these possibilities.
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