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Information Technology in Urban Places   Renato Cesar Ferreira de Souza

Information Technology in Urban Places

324 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is an attempt to develop some analytic resources for thinking about problems and possibilities arising from the incorporation of Information Technology (IT) into the design of public spaces, especially in the early stages of design process. The main concern is about how to deploy IT components in order to positively affect various qualities of place. The framework developed begins with an analysis of public places, and then proceeds to an identification of the spatial conflicts that impair qualities of place such as territoriality, privacy, identity and ambience. Components of digital technologies were then spatially correlated to those qualities, thus revealing how these might be potentially applied as part of a system that would combine IT with spatial/physical solutions.It is an attempt to demonstrate that the use of the developed framework is able to provide a basis for a coherent set of decisions regarding the application of IT in public places.
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