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Mobile technologies and cultural heritage   Davide Spallazzo

Mobile technologies and cultural heritage

264 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The large-scale access to cultural resources, the current change in the audience expectations, together with an underuse of the potentialities offered by mobile technologies call for a rethinking of the role of mobile interpretation within cultural institutions. The book fits in the area of intersection between cultural heritage and mobile technology, dealing the topic from a design perspective. The main aim is indeed to provide designers and developers with a framework able to guide a conscious design of cultural mobile experiences, fully exploiting the potentials of these technologies with clear objectives and the awareness of the means to achieve them. Meaning making and social engagement in cultural institutions at large as well as the world of mobile gaming are addressed in the book in order to get insights and to provide the design framework with theoretical scaffolding. Case studies and prior findings from literature review inform the design framework that is described in...
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