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Factors Influencing Beneficiaries Participation   Joshua Thuku

Factors Influencing Beneficiaries Participation

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Despite participatory development process is given prominence in National Urban and Development Policy, people-centric development culture has not yet been institutionalized in most areas within the country. The present study was an endeavor to have a fresh look at the local governance status through assessing the level of people’s participation in development process. A case study design was adopted for this study with a target population comprising of 167 community based projects in the 16 divisions of Nakuru district .The study considered 50% of the 16 divisions to get 8 divisions. From each project, ten beneficiaries from the community were selected as study respondents; to get a total of 80 members. The main research instrument used questionnaires and interview schedules. The study found out that there are social economic and political influences affecting beneficiary’s participation in community based projects .It is recommended that the regulations should be enacted to...
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