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Leonid Pavlov   Анна Броновицкая, Ольга Казакова, Лия Павлова

Leonid Pavlov

255x290 336 страниц. 2015 год.
Electa Architecture
The architect Leonid Pavlov's unique talent fully flourished in the period between I960 and 1980. But the path that led him to the creation of his most significant works is no less interesting. Pavlov is one of those who embody the living connection between the avant-garde and post-Stalin Modernist architecture. In fact, his experience shows that two decades of the enforced historicism of the Stalin era could be seen as a kind of school, enriching architects' skills and giving them a more profound understanding of their art. Similarly, Khrushchev's reform of 1955, considered by many as the end of the architectural profession itself, offered Pavlov both a liberating path and a chance to try out new and exciting directions. An engaged flexibility helped him adapt to the "official point of view" and current trends and - combined with his inner integrity - allowed him to work productively throughout his life. Unfortunately, none of his rare Constructivist buildings have survived to this...
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