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Graphic Arts   Angela Domenica Sanna

Graphic Arts

300x300 600 страниц. 2010 год.
Scala Publishers
Graphic design, today synonymous with design and communication creativity, starts and develops between the 19th and 20th centuries. Right from the beginning, advertising graphics appropriates techniques - from serigraphy to linoleum - and languages which, depending on the need, can be influenced by the most advanced artistic experimentation or, on the contrary, by didactic figuration. Graphics become the primary tool for advertising launchings, publicity needs of every type of merchandise, definition of factory trademarks, but it also becomes the vehicle of contemporary history, the events of which, from the most tragic such as war to the most inviting such as shows and exhibitions, are projected on the walls of the cities and broadcast through channels such as the press and the covers of books and records. As witness and protagonist of modern times, graphic design asserted itself also in the setting of social events which spanned the 1900s, offering itself as visual media of...
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