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Residential Architecture in Palestine   Eman M. A. Amad

Residential Architecture in Palestine

428 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
During the past century Palestine has undergone a rapid socio-cultural change as a result of several related factors, political, economic, and social. The impact of change was manifested in an abandonment of traditional concepts of residential architecture and an adoption of new ones. This study investigates development of house design in Palestine and links it with changes which have occurred in the Palestinian socio-cultural context during the twentieth century. The research questions whether alterations in Palestinian house design are related only to the users’ new requirements, attitudes, and aspirations, or to changes precipitated by the architect, or is related to both the user and the architect. The proposed research model comprises the three main elements of the study; the house, the user, and the architect. The research methodology adopted is based on comparisons between three generic house types: the traditional courtyard house; the central- hall house; and the modern house....
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