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Preservation and Presentation of Historic Towns   Kariuki Kamaru

Preservation and Presentation of Historic Towns

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Historic towns often exhibit unique and rich cultural values owing to their tranquil atmosphere that is reminiscent of the past history. Urban spaces, streets and buildings found in such towns require not only to be preserved but also to be presented in a systematic way in order to be appreciated and tell the story of the place. Regrettably the presentation of historic towns is a major challenge facing their conservation. Conservation of Mombasa Old Town, one of the beautiful historical cities found along the Coast of Kenya suffers due to lack of a clear presentation plan. Poverty, weak enforcement of laws and rapid urbanization are some of the major challenges encountered here. The strategies required to remedy these challenges include careful planning and widespread consultations with relevant stakeholders. Empowering stakeholders to own the heritage places can achieve a careful balance between conservation of historic towns and still lead to modern development.
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