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Design Concepts of Complexity and Contradiction   Nazmiye Ozturk

Design Concepts of Complexity and Contradiction

56 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Theory: ‘Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture’ comprises concepts which are very different from the basic design principles such as proportion, symmetry, harmony, balance which remain insufficient in the face of today’s reality. In this book, hybrid concepts such as Nonstraightforward, Superadjacency, Contradiction Adapted, Contradiction Juxtaposed can be called as non-basic design concepts. Practice: There is a link between old buildings in the city of Varna and these concepts. I linked and matched the buildings and the design concepts with each other. The Varna Aquarium, The Varna Landmark Center, Palace of Culture and Sports have not only historical value, but also value of the concepts. Praxis: Almost every verbal component can be converted to a visual one. This conversion emerges when meaning is produced by structural use of the material. Inflection, and Equal Combinations, which are constitutive concepts in Robert Venturi’s book are transformed into design...
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