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Rayan and it's organic architecture   Rayan Khan

Rayan and it's organic architecture

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
My thesis is divided into two parts on is the theoretical part and the other is the design Project. This format allows me to demonstrate my understanding of architecture In both graphic and as well as in the written forms. This is necessary because architecture is both a Physical manipulation of spatial environments and an abstract intellectual exercise. A Building is quite literally a permanent part of the lives of people, and it becomes Important for the architect to recognize both the basic needs as well as the higher needs of people. Basic needs can be met by simply erecting the most convenient structure and Furnishing it with what is at hand. The architect is also concerned with higher needs, usually addressing issues of beauty. As the actual art is a nonverbal, careful graphic representation of the building is necessary as the most economical means for exploring architectural hypothesis.1 Theoretical exploration include to study organic architecture and review the...
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