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Organizational Interoperability   Amanuel Tekalign and Fantahun Aberra

Organizational Interoperability

212 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A layered approach to interoperability between multiple e-systems (e-government, e-health and the like) has been considered and long been exercised by both the industry and academia. Layers of interoperability can be expressed based on organizational, semantic, syntactic and technical interoperability. While practical solutions have been discovered and well tested for technical, synthetic and semantic layers of interoperability; the development and utilization of interoperable information systems is still held back by different issues of organizational interoperability layer, and remain to be a challenge in software engineering discipline. As such, issues pertaining to organizational layer interoperability spectrum have been actively investigated and endeavors to come up with a holistic solution are underway. Recent works in this area promote the use of business process standardization and ensuring legal and strategic interoperability across organizations for organizational layer...
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